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Increased Confidence
Learn more about our financing solution that enables you to make a contingency-free offer.
Competitive Advantage
Increase your chances of a winning bid and close faster with our proprietary cash-like funding.
Personalized Service
You'll have an experienced, dedicated real estate agent to help you find your dream home.

Increase your chances of a winning bid and save thousands.​

Personalized Service

With Neat Homes, you have all the advantages of working with a dedicated real estate agent. We provide complete support, including home tours, pricing comparisons and contract negotiations.

Competitive Advantage

Want your offer to stand out? “Cash is king” in real estate transactions. Through our partnership with Neat Capital, we empower you with the same leverage and buying power as a cash buyer. Propelling your bid to the front of the line.

Increased Confidence

Our proprietary technology gives us a level of confidence in your purchase that is completely unique within the home buying industry. Neat Capital has so much confidence in their Platinum Pre-Approval home loan solution that they’ll cover your earnest money if the transaction fails due to financing. Talk about an extra layer of security!

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