Home in One: Acing Home Buying on a Golf Course

Many avid golfers share the dream of waking up on the weekend and staring out at a perfectly groomed fairway, knowing they’re a mere 90-second golf cart ride away from the first tee. And when your personal circumstances allow for it, you may already have your favorite community picked out, or be relocating to a climate that allows for long, warm days on the course.

Golf course living goes beyond access to your favorite sport: homeowners can usually enjoy a true community environment and relatively stable property values. Even if you don’t golf, it can still be a great place to buy a home for its beauty and the wide open spaces, instead of crowded neighbors, behind your home.

As you look to eliminate the traffic between you and your game, there are a few things that home buyers should consider when making the move to a golf course. Like when our friend Ann and her husband decided to fulfill their long-term dream of upgrading to golf course living in Centennial, it wasn’t long before a stray ball, and reality, came crashing through their window.

In the Line of Fire

Safety is a top concern on golf courses. The communities themselves can  be safer since many of them are gated and actively monitored by security. However depending on the exact location of your home, such as near a tee box or along a fairway , your windows, roof, and car could end up being the target of an overzealous golfer. Not to mention some beat up grass may become a permanent fixture in your view. While a well-meaning golfer may offer to pay for damage, can be a laborious process to finalize an arrangement for them cover the cost of repairs. Proving intent is hard to do as well, and we’d like to think nobody would be purposely aiming for you, your outdoor sculptures, or your pets.

On the other hand, you can be perfectly content with the security of impact resistant  windows, planting some protective trees, installing protective netting and collecting a steady supply of lost golf balls. 

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Out of Bounds

Privacy is another factor that homebuyers should consider. While the work you did on your back yard is the envy of all your friends, plenty of people ogling over a golf community, members of the golf club, and others will see hour home more than if it were tucked away on a sleepy cul-de-sac. Are you comfortable with gazes focused on your patio while golfers wait for their buddies to tee off, and hear their 6 a.m. shouts of encouragement? And if you don’t have a fence, will you welcome people searching for a wayward ball in the middle of a game of hide-and-seek with your kids? Are you happy to keep the curtains of your bedroom closed as you go about getting ready?

Alternately, you may be the social butterfly of your community and are thrilled to see your neighbors and golf friends regularly—and enjoy watching other golfers from an unobstructed vantage point. In exchange, once the sun goes down you have total privacy and can gaze across open the tranquil manicured space rather than into your neighbors yard and/or kitchen window.

A Perfect Lawn Comes at a Price

If you’re not an early riser, consider what time industrial-strength lawnmowers may start mowing before the first round of golfers tee off. Beyond the noise, there may be headlights and debris from the mowing. Birds like geese may also appropriate the fairway as a prime feeding area.  

Maybe you, too, are an early riser, and seeing a perfectly manicured, endless lawn is exactly what you need to start the day. 

Getting into the Swing

Every neighborhood has its pros and cons, so buyers should do their research and work with a real estate agent who knows their area well and can answer any lingering questions. And if you see the risks of living in a golfing community as par for the course, you’ll enjoy the benefit of close access to your favorite hobby in a beautiful environment, not to mention the health benefits of an active, outdoor lifestyle.