The Neat Homes difference.​​

Vision & Values

At Neat Homes, our unique perspective is that every real estate transaction should be as straightforward as a cash transaction. By eliminating the critical risk factors upfront, we empower both sellers and buyers to make highly informed decisions about their home sales and purchases. This eliminates the stress and cost of last-minute surprises.

We open the dialog up-front allowing all parties to collaborate to ensure a transparent transaction. In addition, our proprietary technology and processes enable us to reduce time to close, ensuring a positive experience for all involved.

We look forward to working with you.


We’re pleased to share how we can provide buyers and sellers with a smart alternative to traditional models. To learn more about what makes us different or to start a conversation, please contact press@neathomes.com or call 720.200.4474.


Neat Homes is part of Neat Capital, a cutting-edge technology company that together helps home buyers and sellers close with as little risk and in as fast a time as possible, ensuring a truly neat experience.


Neat Homes was founded by a highly experienced team in the real estate, mortgage and technology community. The team’s synergistic knowledge focuses on how to maximize client experience throughout a home transaction process.

For real estate agents working with Neat Homes – we are real estate agents too and you can expect the same relationship we all enjoy with our global network of peers. We look forward to working with you to ensure all our clients have a great experience. We’re also always looking for talented new teammates.

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